IT solutions provider in a range of sectors, from financial services, government institutions, and startups.

We think discipline and expertise are the keys to create higher-quality software products in shorter time.

A team able to work with a high variety of programming languages and platforms.


Atlantis of Code was born to make a huge impact on companies, startups, and developers, helping them to scale up fast, audit and improve source code, bringing performance, to get the most out of their products. We mean improvement and experience at all levels. Privacy and confidentiality assured.

How we work

We study your case in detail, in order to tailor the best solution. Following a modified Scrum–Agile methodology, providing a high level of flexibility and custom billing models (time or fixed quote). We discuss the situation with our customer, explore all possibilities, define together a roadmap to follow, and start a work-feedback cycle.


We speak your language, we know your tools, we also build software using the most powerful and cutting-edge frameworks. Our experts can craft new modern software, and also bring new features into existing programs, iterating continuously. Code performance, design patterns, and reusability are always in our minds.

Our customer

Are you a company? Are you a developer? Tell us about your situation and your needs. Most of our customers hire us when it's time to grow, scale up web, redesign a database, bring performance, audit source code, write new programs, or when they feel frustrated for not having achieved a goal…

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We are based in Manacor (Mallorca, Spain) but we work with customers worldwide